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GIFTXO specialises in sourcing and creating beautiful and affordable gifts to show you care and ensure that your recipient feels loved and appreciated. We pride ourselves on showcasing products from local and Australian businesses that are sharing their passion and creative gifts with the world. With a particular focus on handmade, we support creative people in our local community and rural artisans creating extra income during tough times.

By sharing other people’s gifts and talents we hope to inspire you to do the same.

With great passion, love and care GIFTXO source, present and package products to celebrate special moments in life. Saving you time and the mental load of coming up with new ideas we’ve done all the hard work and you can be certain that your gift will be received with a smile.


We understand the importance of gift-giving to both the giver and receiver so everything we do is supported with love and care. We value customer service and the entire experience so you can be assured that we will go above and beyond to look after you and the person receiving your gift. Feel comfortable knowing that we truly care.


GIFTXO is a small business supporting and promoting local and Australian businesses that share their creative gifts with us.

Our products are sourced locally in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie NSW and into the wider Australian community. We have chosen businesses with values that align with ours right down to the way they communicate and deal with us. Support has also been extended into rural areas that have gone through difficult periods of drought and extra sources of income are necessary to get by.

Our gifts are presented in simple cardboard flat lay boxes sourced locally in the Hunter Region. Products are protected in eco-friendly wood wool that is sustainable, natural and chemical-free. They are simply but beautifully decorated with our custom logo and twine.

Locals (see delivery areas) can enjoy the simplicity and ease of free and personal delivery by GIFTXO. We will include a personalised message to accompany your gift.
About Natalie Giftxo

Meet Nat!

Finally, a mother of one at age 42 after trying for 13 years to conceive (that’s a whole other story but I’m happy to share and support you if you are on the same journey).

I had received my greatest gift (our son) and I finally decided it was time that I should share my natural gifts with you.

After years in very varied roles from Primary School Teacher, Customer Service, Quality Assurance and Project and Event Management I felt the time was right to put my diverse skills together with my gift for organising and innovation and create GIFTXO to coincide with our son starting school.

I wanted to be a good role model for my son and show him that you could follow your dreams and do what you wanted to do with your life. It was time for me to put my fears aside and take a leap of faith.

I’m passionate about helping others to reach their goals, looking after people and making them feel special.

I love giving and I admire people that use their talents to make and create beautiful things.

GIFTXO gives me the opportunity to have a creative outlet for myself whilst supporting other talented people who are also having a go.

Waiting so long for a child taught me that life is precious and time is precious. I want each recipient to enjoy a special memory or occasion with the gift they receive.
I truly care about other people so you can be well assured that I will look after you and your gift recipient as best as I know how.

I have the support and love of a wonderful husband Graeme and we spend lots of time in nature exploring the world and learning life again through our child. I play hockey, I love native plants and birds.

Life is a gift & so are you.