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Inspire someone in your life to pursue their passion and follow their dreams. Encourage them to reach their goals and support their aspirations. Lift someone up and give the gift that embraces their talent or helps them to overcome a challenge. If that person is you…you deserve it too!


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  • NKDU Snapback cap – This hamper was inspired by a great local Newcastle man, Andrew Katoa. A small Newcastle-based business that uses apparel to share positivity, awareness, and education about embracing the best version of ourselves by stripping away the factors that hold us back from being our true or naked selves. Established in 2018 and supported by professional athletes around the world we encourage you to join the team and spread the message too.
  • Frank Green Sustainable and reusable ceramic drink bottle. Award-winning design with most components made in Melbourne Australia. (more than any other water bottle on the Australian marketplace) Actively protecting the planet with an everyday lifestyle product
  • Conifer Protein Ball Mix – we selected the healthiest Gluten-Free Keto-friendly mix in Chocolate or Vanilla Ice cream. Proudly made by an inspirational young lady of 18, Chloe from Warwick in QLD who followed her passion to own a business and after many failures and experiments she came up with the perfect creation. Every product is combined, blended, bagged, and sealed by Chloe and her team and you just have to add water.